Monthly Archives: October 2016

Porsche 996 tuning – From the most renowned porsche tuner

We Offer a wide range of high performance Porsche 996 tuning options from custom tuning kits to upgrades and modifications including ecu tuning kits, X-design exhausts, Intercoolers and so much more. Our passion for speed, performance, and quality has brought our whole team together to become what we now call Exo Performance. We pride ourselves…
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New Enclosed Car Transportation Service!

You plan to store your car soon but you have maintenance to do ... Why not doing it during the winter? Summer is too short, do not wait for it to do your vehicule maintenance and enjoy fully all summer!
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Agency Power’s new intercooler available for the Porsche 991 Turbo & Turbo S

Agency Power Intercooler Kit Intercoolers are one of the most important parts of a turbocharger system to keep it running as efficient as possible.  On a Porsche 911, the intercoolers are essential to the vehicles performance.  As air goes through the turbocharger, it gets very hot, very fast.  With an increase in temperature, the oxygen…
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